For best Appetizers: Sausage Cheese Balls Recipe wow!

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If you have a holiday party and I’m invited (I hope I’m invited!), I’ll be hanging out at the appetizers, just eating away, awkwardly avoiding conversation unless it’s about said appetizers. I swear I could live on appetizers (or mini food items) because I love variety. But then again, if I really like something, I can eat a lot of it and mini makes it more fun. Fun like these sausage cheese balls.

Have you guys had sausage cheese balls? Apparently they’re a classic American appetizer around Christmas time. For some reason we never had them growing up – our appetizers were more the deep fried shrimp or dumplings, you know, classic Asian appetizer things. I feel like I kind of missed out so I’m making up for it now by making all the old school classics.

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