Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully all your sides are prepped and ready and your turkey is already spatchcocked. Thanksgiving is not a […]

If you have a holiday party and I’m invited (I hope I’m invited!), I’ll be hanging out at the appetizers, […]

Steph is out sick with the flu to end all flus so I’m picking up the slack with some posts […]

Growing up, we never had a set traditional holiday meal. Sure, some years my mom would make a turkey, but […]

I love potatoes, all kinds. Mashed, roasted, boiled, baked, fried…you get the idea. I developed these stovetop roasted red potatoes […]

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This year was the first year I made a ham! And by made a ham, I mean, I bought one […]

If I have rice leftover in the fridge, you can bet on fried rice being a thing. I love how […]

It’s no secret that I love potatoes. They’re the perfect food! You can fry them, deep-fry them, boil them, mash […]

One of my all time favorite meals growing up was Chinese hot pot. Or, as we called it, steam boat. […]